It's time to find you


At the center of your being you have the answer;

you know who you are

and you know what you want. 

Lao Tzu

Individual therapy for adolescents & adults

Assisting adolescents, and adults in processing past and present lived experiences ranging from phase of life transitions to career concerns to adverse life events.

Green Leaves
Meditation by the Sea
Puzzle fun

Couples & Families

Relationships are a piece of all of our lives and sometimes they need special attention.  Couple or family therapy is about the relationships between two persons in a partnership or a family dynamic with 2 or more members. 

child play


Appropriate for most clients’ aged 2-10, play therapy utilizes specifically selected toys to help children process their internal experience symbolically.   

Misty Woodland
Boys with toys
Gay Couple with their Son


Individual and group opportunities to empower parents with knowledge and skills as well as exploring the challenges and successes of parenting.